FBW Elimination Finale was a pay-per-view presented by Future Bebo Wrestling. It took place on February 26, 2012 at the Rockstar Arena in Liberty City.

The event featured two Elimination Chamber Matches - one to determine the vacant FBW Trans-Tasman Championship, and the other contesting the FBW Galaxy Championship.

Match resultsEdit

  1. Maxine Blake defeated Revenant, Basilio Raul Morenos, Matt Young, Craig Knightly and Desmond Armstrong in an Elimination Chamber Match to claim the vacant FBW Trans-Tasman Championship
  2. Madison Auditore and Ashley Paramore fought to a no contest
  3. The Economous Brothers defeated Dominance Femmes (Sweet Poison & Nikki Sanchez) by count-out
  4. Joey Tierney defeated John Bennett (Special Guest Referee: Craig Adams)
  5. Trip Johnson defeated Ricky Maine (c), Preston Scott, TK Jones, Jodah Kayne and Paul Benzema in an Elimination Chamber Match to win the FBW Galaxy Championship

Pay-Per-View ChorologyEdit

Before: FBW New Years War (2012)

After: FBW Futurefest II