FBW Futurefest was a pay-per-view event presented by Future Bebo Wrestling. It took place on March 27, 2011 at FBW's Big Fucking Arena Spectacular in Paris, France. The Main Event was between Dusko Varsanovic and Remanuel Urebay battling over the FBW Heavyweight Championship .

The main theme song for the event was "How Far We've Come" by Matchbox Twenty.

Other themes included "Anniversary" by The Feelers. "Radiate" by Puddle of Mudd. "Grail" by Fozzy. "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin. "War" by Sick Puppies.


  1. Ryan Ryles (c) defeated Jamie Couture and TK Jones in a Steel Cage Match to retain the FBW Massacre Championship
  2. Sabium defeated Curtis Peckham, Matt Young, Joey Tierney, Felix Miles and Jamo in the Pot of Gold Match
  3. Alexander Hunter defeated Jason Stone
  4. Nikki Sanchez (c) defeated Sweet Poison and Fawn Semper to retain the FBW Unified Star Championship
  5. Dash Rock (c) defeated Chuck Jones to retain the FBW Trans-Tasman Championship
  6. Dwayne Cray defeated Tyler Hawkins by disqualification
  7. Desmond Armstrong & Colton Slater fought The Khan Boyfriendz to a no contest
  8. Taylor Williams defeated Craig Adams (c) to win the FBW World Championship
  9. Ryan Sullivan defeated Tyson Rowle
  10. Dusko Varesanovic defeated Remanuel Urebay (c) in an Undecided Rules Match to win the FBW Heavyweight Championship

Pay-Per-View ChronologyEdit

Before: FBW Heartless Valentine (2011)

After: FBW Time Crisis (2011)